Last minute … Biden-Erdogan summit will mark relations

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Wendy Sherman, number two in the US State Department, answered Hürriyet’s questions in Ankara, where she came as part of her first visit abroad.

Wendy Sherman’s messages are summarized as follows:


“Our relationship with Turkey is of critical importance to the United States. Turkey is a NATO partner, our strategic ally and a world power. It is a country where we work together in Afghanistan and Libya, and also where we work together to ensure that everyone – including Russia and China – remains connected to the global world order. Turkey is also a very important trading and trading partner for us. For this reason, I believe that the summit that will be held between President (Joe) Biden and President (Tayyip) Erdogan will leave a positive mark on all of these relationships. At the same time, I am confident that the president will also raise concerns about human rights and democracy, which everyone is aware of, and which course Turkey will follow. ‘

Biden-Erdogan summit will mark relations


“Certainly President Biden considers his meeting with President Erdogan very important. The NATO summit will not hold bilateral meetings with too many leaders on the sidelines of the EU-US and G7 summits. I think it is very important to meet President Erdogan. This meeting reflects our collaboration with a key NATO ally, including our common work to maintain global order in the world. But it also reflects a collaboration that includes stress points and tensions. This is why it is so important that allies speak to each other directly and openly.

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(Comment on US Secretary of State Blinken’s statement on Turkey as a “so-called strategic partner”): “There is no doubt that we have a strategic relationship with Turkey. There is no doubt that Turkey, as a member of NATO, has a critical security relationship in the world. We also have a very strong commercial and commercial relationship. But Minister Blinken also stressed that there are concerns about Turkey in terms of human rights and the future of democracy. Here I met a large audience of government, civil society and business representatives. Everyone sees huge potential for Turkey’s economic growth, but the business world demands predictability. They seek strong monetary policies and the rule of law.


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“Turkey being a member of NATO, the most important problem with the S-400s is that the acquisition of these systems creates problems within the NATO alliance in terms of common security and functioning systems. together. We have offered options to Turkey on this issue. They know what to do to avoid sanctions. I really hope to find a solution to this problem.

(Cooperation with YPG against DAESH): “I know Turkey has concerns, but it shouldn’t be. The United States has made it clear that their relationship with the YPG or SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) has only one goal, to Knowing how to end the presence of ISIS in Syria is our only mission. ‘

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The dialogue with Athens is good: “I am extremely happy that meetings are taking place between the Turkish and Greek governments. Dialogue is always good. Turkey and Greece will make their own decisions, it will not be us who will make the decisions for them.


Human rights at the center: We have a multidimensional foreign policy. But President Biden and Minister Blinken have placed the issue of human rights and democracy at the center of their foreign policy. For a society to reflect its full potential, every individual in that society must participate in social life. When we heard about the President’s decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, we were disappointed. These kinds of things cause us anxiety, but I hope the strong civil society here will continue to speak their minds.

Turkish-Russian relations: What is important for Turkey, a member of NATO, to understand is that it is essential that we remain united. This solidarity, the interoperability of (weapons) systems and the introduction of systems that will not support security – whether consciously or not – will also weaken global security. NATO is the world’s premier security alliance and we must cherish it and ensure that it achieves what the Secretary General envisions in NATO’s work towards 2030. As for Russia, it does not want to see NATO as the world’s leading security institution. Therefore, taking Russian systems seems to be an act against NATO.

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The strategic nature of relations between Turkey and the United States was confirmed during political consultations held under the chairmanship of Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Sedat Önal and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. In the statement made on the ministry’s Twitter account, it was said: “During the political consultations held under the chairmanship of our Deputy Minister Ambassador Sedat Önal and his American counterpart Wendy Sherman, the strategic nature of Turkish relations. States was confirmed, views were exchanged on regional issues and the importance of the fight against terrorism was underlined. (Saduman UNUTMAZ / DHA)

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