Last minute: Biden gave instructions! Sending 5,000 troops to Afghanistan

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US President Biden made a written statement on the latest situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is advancing rapidly.

Biden said he had increased the number of troops to be sent to 5,000, which was previously announced at 3,000, for the evacuation of U.S. Embassy personnel in Kabul and Afghans supporting the United States.

Biden noted that their goal is the safe and speedy evacuation of the personnel in question from the country.

Stating that he again warned all institutions involved despite the perception of a possible threat to US troops still serving in the country, Biden said they would be on the lookout for possible terrorist attacks.

Biden stressed that he had tasked US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and other Afghan officials, and noted that efforts should be made to end the violence in the country and achieve to a political solution.

“We have made it known to Taliban representatives in Doha that there will be a swift and forceful military response if they take any action that jeopardizes the US military and our mission in Afghanistan,” Biden said in a statement. used the expression.

The US Department of Defense announced that 3,000 additional US troops would be sent to the region to evacuate staff from the Kabul embassy.

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