Last minute: Bomb threat in the USA! Times Square was evacuated after the vehicle panic in Washington …

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According to the latest news, the building was evacuated due to an active bomb threat near the Library of Congress in Washington, the capital of the United States.

It is also among the information given that the employees of the Palais des Congrès were evacuated.

According to reports from the British press, it is claimed that the alarm which caused the panic was given by a vehicle loaded with bombs.


According to CNN news; The police sent negotiators to meet the person in the truck.

CNN Türk foreign policy analyst Ali Çınar attended the live broadcast from Washington and provided the following information about the event:

“Due to the report of the bombed vehicle, the congress building was evacuated along with the congress library. Because there are many different congress buildings nearby. On the other hand, the staff in the congress buildings was evacuated. was quickly evacuated from danger.

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There is no official statement that the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled. Around Congress, things suddenly got mixed up. It looks like the police will make a statement in 20-25 minutes.

Last minute: The bomb alarm in the USA Times Square was evacuated after the vehicle panic in Washington ...

The National Guard was stationed here. Two months ago, it was announced that National Guard forces would no longer serve in the area. We saw that the security forces were gradually reducing the measures.

Right now there are messages from friends with an air of panic. There are statements in the messages that we emptied Congress with an atmosphere of panic. “


The New York Police Department announced that some streets and streets in Times Square were closed due to the suspicious package.

In a statement on the New York Police Department (NYPD) Twitter account, he was asked to avoid the area where Broadway and 7th Street and 45th and 48th Streets are to be “investigated. policewoman”.

Local media also reported that a metal box may have been thrown in the outdoor seating area of ​​Times Square, but the NYPD bomb disposal team was examining it closely.

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