Last minute: Catastrophe in the USA! The building collapsed in Florida, some are under the rubble!

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The United States began the day with news of the disaster. According to the latest news, a building has collapsed in Miami, Florida. He was informed that there were survivors under the rubble.

The horrific incident happened on Collins Avenue in Surfside, Florida, United States. We heard that an apartment building right next to a hotel was collapsing to pieces with a loud noise.

While it’s not yet clear why the building collapsed, Miami Fire Departments have started work to clear debris from the scene. According to breaking news, at least one person has died as a result of the incident.

The Miami Fire Department confirmed it was a “partial building collapse.” At least two people were hospitalized and many were reportedly injured.

Brooke Shafer, CBS Miami correspondent, said: “We hear there are people inside. We don’t yet know how many people have been injured and if anyone has been stranded.”

As it turned out that the collapsed building was 11 stories high, there are concerns that residents of the building fell asleep during the terrible event.

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This is one of the first reports from the area where there are survivors and it is feared that many have died.

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