Last Minute | Chinese rover Curong sends photo of red planet

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According to the statement from the National Space Administration of China, Curong, who landed on Mars with the Tienvin-1 exploration mission, sent 4 photos of the red planet.

The photos included landscape and panorama images of Mars, selfies of the lander and the orbit module from the Tienvin-1 mission.

Tienvin-1, which left the world on July 23, 2020, flew 202 days until it entered Martian orbit, and the spacecraft, which made 4 orbit corrections during that time, traveled a distance of 475 million kilometers.

Tienwin-1 entered orbit about 400 kilometers from the surface of Mars on February 10 and landed the Curong rover on the Red Planet with its orbiter on May 15.

Landing on a previously identified lava layer south of Mars, Curong sent two photos of the planet.

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Communication with the Tienwin-1 mission, consisting of an “orbital module”, a “Martian lander” and a “rover vehicle”, is provided via a radio telescope in the city of Tienjin in the north of the country.

The mission of “Tienwin”, which means “to seek truth in the heavens” in Chinese, takes its name from the verses of the Chinese poet of the 4th century BC. AD Zhou Yuen. The travel vehicle is named after Curong, the god of fire and war in Chinese mythology.

Chinese rover Curong sends photo of red planet

In recent years, China has emerged as a new power in the US-Russian space race with its ambitious advances in Moon and Mars exploration missions, satellite technology and manned space expeditions.

China, which has made significant progress in developing a self-sufficient space program with the satellites, rockets, shuttles, reconnaissance vehicles and other equipment it has produced over the past 20 years, is carrying out Chang-i missions as part of the exploration of the Moon. program and also works as part of the space station establishment plan.

China’s most recent “Chang’i-5” sent to the moon returned to Earth on December 17, 2020, collecting samples. By successfully completing this mission, China has become the third country to collect samples from the Moon.

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In recent months, the American Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has also sent a vehicle to Mars.

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