Last minute: decision of Afghan refugees from England … They announced the number!

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The repercussions of moving Afghanistan under Taliban control in just 10 days continue.

As Taliban militants entered the capital Kabul on Sunday, thousands of Afghan civilians flocked to the airport to flee the country.

According to reports from the British Mirror newspaper, as the world braces for the influx of Afghan refugees, England has announced its highly anticipated plan.

According to the said plan, the UK will host around 20,000 Afghan refugees in the coming years.

The British Home Office has stressed that the number of Afghan refugees who will be accepted this year will be 5,000.


This decision by England drew criticism in a short time. Conservative Party MP Tobias Ellwood, a former soldier, used the following statements in a statement to the Mirror;

“This is an extremely inadequate response, given the scale of the refugee crisis we are about to face in direct response to our withdrawal from Afghanistan. The government really needs to see the big picture and understand the extent of the crisis that we have created.

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The United Nations has announced that around 400,000 people have had to leave their homes in Afghanistan since the start of 2021, and that nearly 30,000 people leave the country every week.

On the other hand, the British Home Office has also made statements on the evacuation operation in Afghanistan.


Home Secretary Priti Patel said in a statement today that Britain succeeded in removing around 1,000 people from Afghanistan a day after the Taliban took control of the country.

“We are still evacuating British nationals and Afghan nationals who are part of our local employment program,” Patel told the BBC.


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