Last minute: Execution of an Afghan woman by the Taliban … Images have appeared!

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The world is locked in to the news from Afghanistan, which came under Taliban control in 10 days.

Although the Taliban, who took over the administration of the country after 20 years, made moderate statements, news began to come from the country that did not resemble the old days of the Taliban.

A woman was shot dead by Taliban militants in Afghanistan’s Takhar province for not wearing a burqa, Fox News reported.

Fox News also shared the photo of the murdered woman with its readers. This image quickly took first place on the global agenda.

The photo, which was also posted on social media, was shared by thousands of people and went viral.

The execution in question took place yesterday, the day the Taliban declared a “general amnesty” and called on women to join the administration.

Enamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said in a statement on Afghan state television, which was under their control, that they declared “amnesty” for everyone in Afghanistan and called on women to join. administration.

Enamullah Samangani said they don’t want women to be victims and they want them to participate in the administration. he used the expression

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Stressing that “people already know the Islamic rules that the Taliban expect them to comply with,” Samangani said, “our people are Muslims, we are not forcing them into Islam. he had spoken.

On the same day, TOLO News, founded in Afghanistan in 2004, resumed broadcasts with female presenters, and the presenter greeted a Taliban member live.

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