Last minute: Fire panic in Greece … lightning alert to residents

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The fires in Greece, ravaged by extreme heat, continue …

As hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes due to the fires that have continued in many parts of the country, a warning has come for tourists.

The British Sun newspaper reported that thousands of British tourists to the area have received warning messages on their phones.

In the message, British citizens were warned of the fires in the country.

As two people lost their lives to fires in the country, emergency services issued a flash warning to those at risk.

In the statement in question, it was stated that if they were trapped in the fire, “immediately enter the water”.

According to the first determinations, 100,000 decares of forest in the region of Attica (Athens region), 100,000 in the regions of Olympia and Mani of the Peloponnese peninsula, and about 300,000 decares of forest in the north of the island of Evia, as well as while houses, shelters, farms, businesses and vehicles were destroyed.

Hundreds of fire victims who left their resorts, especially in the north of the island of Evia, were transferred to safe places by two ferries that approached the coast.

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While visiting the fire zones, Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis reiterated the population’s appeals for patience, caution and calm; President Ekaterina Sakellaropoulou visited the beneficiaries under treatment.

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