Last minute … Flash detail of the Netanyahu-Biden meeting! He wanted 2-3 days …

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According to information the AA correspondent received from Western sources who are closely monitoring the issue of the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian groups, US officials called on Netanyahu to end the attacks on Gaza on Sunday and Monday.

Netanyahu said the IDF needed 2-3 days to complete its operation hitting targets in Gaza.

Despite the information in question, sources who did not want anonymity could not confirm that Israel’s attacks on Gaza will end on Wednesday or Thursday.

On the other hand, Barak Rafid, correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Walla News, shared similar information today on CNN, citing Israeli officials.

Stating that Israeli officials need 24 to 48 hours to complete the operation in Gaza and then stop the attacks, Rafid said the message from US President Joe Biden’s administration to Israel is that the period of ‘operation has started to expire.


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US President Joe Biden said last night in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he supported establishing a ceasefire in the region.

President Biden has expressed support for a ceasefire and discussed the US dialogue with Egypt and other partners on the way forward to achieve that goal. “statements were used.

In light of these developments, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Ganzt said they would continue the attacks that killed 213 Palestinians, including 61 children, in the besieged Gaza Strip this evening.

In a written statement from the Department of Defense, it was stated that Gantz and his US counterpart Lloyd Austin met over the phone. During the meeting, it was noted that Gantz thanked Austin for US support for Israel’s “self-defense”.

According to the statement, Gantz told Austin that they would continue the attacks on Gaza until “long-term tranquility” is achieved.


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On the other hand, US Chief of Staff Mark Milley has said that continuing the conflict between Israel and Palestine is not in anyone’s interest.

According to international media, General Milley has made assessments regarding Israel’s attacks on Gaza since May 10.

While Milley claimed that Israel’s attacks were “his own defense,” he noted that continuing the conflict would benefit no one.


Stating that non-conflict is the smartest option at this point for all parts of the region, Milley said: “I believe that whatever military goals are, it should be weighed against other consequences. .

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Milley also warned that instability could spread beyond Gaza if the conflict continued.

Meanwhile, Milley stressed that the normalization agreements between Arab countries and Israel could also be affected “negatively” by the continuing conflict.

In Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has been under blockade since May 10, 212 people, including 61 children and 36 women, lost their lives and 1,400 were injured.

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