Last minute: flash statements from the Taliban

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The Taliban, who entered the capital Kabul on Sunday, took control of most of Afghanistan.

Terrible news arrives every day from the country where chaos has reigned for days. Flash statements came from the Taliban front regarding the latest developments in the country.

A Taliban official said the group’s commanders would meet with former governors and bureaucrats in more than 20 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces over the next few days to ensure their safety and seek cooperation, according to an AFP report.

“We are not forcing any former government official to join us or prove their loyalty to us, they have the right to leave the country,” the spokesperson said.

The official, who accused the United States of “making a fuss” about what happened at Kabul airport, made the following statements;

“The United States, with all its might and all its means, has failed to restore order at the airport. There is peace and quiet all over the country, but it is only at Kabul airport that chaos reigns. ‘

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Britain had announced that a group of Afghan civilians had been trying to enter the airport in the last few hours, and that 7 civilians had lost their lives in the events that took place during this period.

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