Last minute: Flash step against child abuse from Apple!

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The American technology giant Apple is about to take a very important step on the side of the iPhone.

The company announced its new plan against child abuse. According to Engadget news, Apple’s cloud service will automatically scan images uploaded to iCloud.

As part of the business analysis, these images will be compared to child abuse images already recorded in the database.

Thanks to this system, which began to be used in the United States, if a match is obtained, the photo will be reviewed by an Apple employee.

After this step, Apple will notify security forces if it detects a child abuse situation. The company shared the information that this system will be used with new versions of iOS and iPadOS.

In the statement, it was also pointed out that the system will take care to protect the privacy of users.

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Additionally, the ‘Messages’ app will alert children and their parents when they send or receive sexually explicit photos.

According to a screenshot shared by Apple, one of the notifications read, “It’s not your fault, but sensitive photos and videos can be used to harm you.”

The company said it will use this new technology to educate the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), which will work with law enforcement agencies across the United States.

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