Last minute: Great stampede in Afghanistan! The Taliban opened fire: many dead

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According to the latest Reuters news, it was reported that the Taliban opened fire during Independence Day protests in the city of Asadabad, Afghanistan, and people were killed in the stampede.

According to Reuters reports, based on eyewitnesses, the national flag of Afghanistan was flown during independence day protests in Asadabad and the Taliban opened fire on it.

Witness Mohammed Salim, who spoke to Reuters, said it was not known whether the victims were due to gunfire or a stampede.

There has been no statement from the Taliban or any other official source regarding the matter.

The Taliban, who opened fire on protesters and killed three people yesterday, said they did not intend to hurt anyone and called on Afghans waiting at the airport to return home to leave the country .

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It has been said that Afghanistan’s Independence Day, which is celebrated today, could increase anti-Taliban protests, as the United States and other Western countries have stepped up their attempts to evacuate their citizens and some Afghans in the country.

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