Last minute: How will the coronavirus pandemic end? Here are 2 scenarios

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The world, so to speak, has been sleeping with the coronavirus for 2 years and waking up with the coronavirus.

The virus, which has infected more than 225 million people and claimed nearly 5 million lives, recently emerged with its variants.

Especially with the Delta variant, the number of cases worldwide has entered an upward trend. For anyone hoping to finally see the light in the next three to six months, scientists have bad news – get ready for more of what we’ve been through so far.

Experts agree that the coronavirus pandemic will end in 2 ways. Either everyone will be vaccinated or everyone will be infected.


Either way, the epidemic will end, but the second scenario is touted as the “worst case”. Because in this scenario, millions of people lose their lives.

Experts pointed out that it is possible to be infected more than once due to variants and gave the message of “be prepared” to fluctuations in the number of new cases.

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Michael Osterholm, director of the Infectious Diseases Research and Policy Center at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and adviser to US President Joe Biden, made the following statements on the subject;

“We see these fluctuations continuing around the world. I think we could see another increase in the fall or in the winter.

“The coronavirus will not stop until it has infected everyone it can infect,” Osterholm said. “We will see fluctuations, at least over the next few years, as we find more vaccines. The most important thing here will be the distance between them,” he said.


According to Lone Simonsen, epidemiologist and professor of population health sciences at Roskilde University in Denmark, the five influenza epidemics documented over the past 130 years offer clues as to how Covid-19 will follow.

Simonsen notes that although the world’s longest influenza epidemic lasts five years, it mostly consists of two to four waves of infections over an average of two to three years.

What seems clear is that the pandemic will not end in six months. Experts generally point out that the current epidemic will go away if perhaps 90 to 95 percent of the world’s population is immune.


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Noting that getting vaccinated is the key to ending the pandemic, Simonsen said, “Anyone who is not vaccinated is a clear target, as the virus will spread widely this fall and winter and find most people. “

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