Last minute … It will be more dangerous than the coronavirus! Notable warning from the expert’s name

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The fight against the coronavirus (Kovid-19), which entered our lives in the last days of 2019 and claimed the lives of nearly 4 million people, continues.

Although we have developed many pandemic vaccines and vaccinated billions of people, the pandemic is not yet over.

While the world has yet to defeat Kovid-19, a remarkable warning has come from England.

According to information from the British newspaper Daily Mail, Professor Anthony Harnden, who advises the government, has warned of the flu epidemic.

According to the same news, the scientist spoke of the coming winter and pointed out that the flu can cause more deadly results than Kovid-19.

Stating that he has prevented the spread of viruses that encounter the respiratory tract through measures such as curfews and social distancing rules, Harnden made the following statements in his statement;

“It could make a large part of the population vulnerable to an influenza epidemic.”

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“I will point out that the flu could potentially be a more serious problem this winter than Covid-19,” Harnden told BBC Radio 4’s Today show, regarding his advice to the government.

Harnden continued his words in the statement he made on said program;

“We have had a very low prevalence of influenza in recent years. Especially during quarantine, we saw almost zero cases of the flu. We know that when the virus enters the circulation in very small numbers, immunity decreases in the population and it comes back in the future. So the flu could be really big this winter.

The flu kills around 17,000 people each year in the UK alone. In the past 18 months in the country, 125,000 Britons have died from the coronavirus.


On the other hand, the UK is preparing the third dose of the Kovid-19 vaccination plan. The Minister of Health added that they are awaiting the results of experiments in which different vaccines are used by mixing.

Doctors and health service officials have said that trials of the “third dose,” meaning an additional booster dose of the vaccine, should now begin because there are a number of important questions to be answered. you have to answer.

These include how long the full dose of Kovid-19 vaccine currently in use is protective and whether it is necessary to immunize children.

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“We are currently studying which vaccine combinations will be the most effective,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock told BBC radio this morning.

“Once we have the clinical trial data on the most effective vaccine combinations over the next few weeks, we will determine the details of the vaccination schedule for the third dose in the fall,” added the Minister.

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