Last minute: Kovid-19 response from China to US

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The coronavirus (Kovid-19), which has been part of our lives for about 2 years, has recently been on the Chinese claims agenda.

The claim that the virus, which has claimed the lives of nearly 4 million people worldwide, has leaked from the Wuhan laboratory in China, is being heard more and more every day.

The theory has gained credibility in recent weeks after a string of disclosures, including a report that three researchers from the Wall Street Journal’s Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized with an unknown disease before the coronavirus outbreak in November 2019. .

Thereupon, US President Joe Biden ordered the allegations to be investigated. A new statement came from China regarding the allegations.

Liu Pengyu, spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the United States, responded to allegations that Kovid-19 had fled from the lab in a statement on his social media account.

Stating that the origin of Covid-19 is a matter of science, Pengyu said, “The origin of Covid-19 is a matter of science and should be jointly studied by scientists around the world, rather than politicizing it. Any conclusions should be drawn in accordance with WHO procedures and scientific methods. “The campaign to defame China and politicize origins studies is no different from the lies that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) 12 years ago.”

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