Last minute … Last situation in Afghanistan: Punjshir resistance leader calls for “national uprising”

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After the Taliban’s statement that “we have captured Penjshir”, all eyes are on the latest developments in the region.

Squares in the region, known as the “last bastion” of anti-Taliban resistance in the country, indicate that the Taliban have taken strategic points.

When the Taliban said “the war is over,” a startling statement came from the resistance. One of the Punjshir resistance leaders, National Resistance Front commander Ahmed Massoud, called for a “national uprising” against the Taliban.

Mesud, in his voicemail message to the media, included the statements: “Wherever you are, inside or outside, I invite you to a national uprising for the honor, freedom and prosperity of our country.

Claiming that Emrullah Saleh, who declared himself the country’s interim president after Gani fled abroad, “fled abroad,” the Taliban spokesman said Saleh had fled. fled to Tajikistan.

After the Afghan capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban, Saleh moved to Punjshir with a loyal team and took part in leading the resistance movement there.

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Although there is no clear information yet on the whereabouts of Salih, Ahmed Mesud posted a message on Twitter and gave the message “I am safe”.

The international news agency Reuters shared images showing the Taliban flag hoisted on the government building in Panjshir.

Military experts commented that these images could indicate the demise of the resistance movement.

Experts pointed out that the weapons left behind by the United States played an important role in bringing the Taliban into the region in a short period of time.


As part of the peace agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban in February 2020, the process of withdrawing international forces from Afghanistan began this year.

While the agreement stipulated not to attack foreign forces, it did not provide for the actions of the Taliban against the Afghan security forces.

Continuing negotiations with the Afghan government in Doha, the Taliban have simultaneously dominated many districts and provincial centers in Afghanistan with heavy attacks since June.

Besieging the capital Kabul, the Taliban took control of the city without conflict after President Ashraf Ghani left the country on August 15.

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