Last minute … Last situation in Afghanistan … The Afghan presidential palace has come under Taliban control

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Afghanistan is the first item on the world agenda … With the US withdrawal from the region, the Taliban, who took control at a terrifying rate last week, entered the capital, Kabul. .

International agencies and the global media follow developments in Afghanistan at all times. Here are the last minute developments in the region …


The United States Embassy has called on its citizens heading to Hamiz Karzai Airport to seek refuge in a safe place. Stating that the security situation in Kabul, including the airport, has changed rapidly, the embassy said there had been reports of an “airport fire”.


Speaking to Reuters, two Taliban officials said there would be no government of peace in the country and that they expected power to be completely handed over to them. It was reported that Taliban militants entered the Afghan presidential palace and took control.


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Contacting BBC journalist Yalda Hakim, Taliban negotiator Süheyl Şahin said the lives of the Afghan people are safe. Şahin said, “We assure the Afghan people, especially those in Kabul, that their lives and property are safe. No one will be avenged. We are the servants of these people and of the country.

6:55 p.m. – Accused ESREF GANI

Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan, blamed Ashraf Ghani for the situation in Afghanistan and called him “the former president”. Abdullah said that Allah will hold Ghani responsible and the people will judge him.

18:30 US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States will maintain its main diplomatic presence in Afghanistan at the embassy which will be located near Hamid Karzai Airport. “We are moving people from the Embassy to a location at the airport right now. My number one priority is the safety and security of our people,” Blinken said. used the expression.

17.50 – ‘TO AVOID ROOTING ..’

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According to reports from Afghan television Tolo TV, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced that Taliban fighters had been ordered to enter certain areas of Kabul to prevent looting.

The spokesperson said Afghan security forces left some areas and checkpoints in Kabul, while Taliban forces entered the city to prevent chaos and looting.

According to reports that the Reuters news agency based on witnesses and the Interior Ministry, gunshots are heard in many parts of Kabul.

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Last minute ... Last situation in Afghanistan ... The Afghan presidential palace has come under Taliban control


President Ghani has left the country, according to the late Reuters development quoted in Tolo News, which broadcasts in Afghanistan.

A senior Afghan official told Reuters that Ghani had visited Tajikistan. In the statement made by the Taliban, it was pointed out that the allegation in question was being examined.

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