Last minute … Last situation in Afghanistan: the Taliban cut Pençşir’s connection with the world!

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With the withdrawal of the last American soldier from the region, the Taliban have become the largest force in Afghanistan.

There was only one region left which did not bow to the organization, which seized most of the country, including the capital Kabul; Lean!

The latest news from Penjshir, located about 160 kilometers from Kabul, where the anti-Taliban coalition is assembled, shows that the Taliban are mobilizing to put an end to this situation.

Among the information received, the Taliban cut telephone and Internet connections with the region. The Taliban is also known to have sent hundreds of militants to the region.

Residents also say the Taliban have blocked roads to the area, causing food prices to skyrocket.

This step is interpreted as a “final preparation before the attack”. Both sides are reported to have remnants of Afghan army weapons and clashes in the area can be extremely violent.


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The Taliban, who wanted to prevent resistance from growing, attacked a police station in the area in recent days, but were pushed back.

Although this claim was not confirmed by the Taliban, the Afghan company TOLO News based the information on a source in the region.


Emrullah Salih, who proclaimed himself interim president after President Ghani fled, had sparked resistance against the Taliban in recent days.

Saleh had entered Panjshir province in recent weeks and challenged the Taliban, so to speak.

Saleh had said he would not surrender to the Taliban and promised to fight. Salih made the following statements in his written statement;

“I will not disappoint the millions of people who listen to me. I will never be under the same roof as the Taliban again. NEVER.’

Ahmad Mesud, son of Shah Mesud, and Yar Dostum, son of Rashid Dostum, of Uzbek origin, are also at the head of this movement.

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