Last minute … lightning decision on Germany’s Turkey

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Germany, which has issued a travel warning for many countries affected by the coronavirus (Kovid-19) pandemic, has issued a new statement.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas today announced that Germany will lift the travel warning for most countries from July 1.

As a result, countries that have recorded infection rates of 50-200 cases per 100,000 people in the last 7 days will no longer be considered “risk areas”.

In this context, the travel warning for Turkey will be lifted from July 1. TRT Berlin correspondent İlhan Atasoy said the Turkey section of the German Foreign Ministry’s website has been updated and there is information that the average of cases per 100,000 people in Turkey is from 50.

In other words, Turkey is among the countries where the travel advisory will be lifted as part of the German July 1 decisions, since the average number of cases is less than 200.

CNN Türk representative in Berlin, Erhan Merttürk, stressed that he had warned that “the responsibility lies with him” for citizens traveling to countries where Germany has a travel warning.

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In other words, if German citizens go to a country with a travel warning and get Kovid-19 there, Germany has announced that it will not cover health costs. With the latest decision taken, this practice will also end for Germans who travel to Turkey.

In his speech, in which he announced this decision, Mass pointed out that the normalization process will return with the increasing vaccination of German citizens against Kovid-19.

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