Last minute: ‘Long Kovid’ search results announced

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Along with the variants that have emerged recently, the virus is causing nightmares in many areas, so to speak. Mainly due to the Delta variant, the number of cases is increasing dramatically in many countries.

However, there is a more frightening variant of the coronavirus than the variants. This situation, which experts call ‘Long Kovid’, prevents patients from surviving the coronavirus for months.

Scientists conducting research on patients who had “Long Kovid,” meaning who could not regain their health for a long time after catching the corona virus, conducted a study that found the effect of vaccine on “Long Kovid”.

According to a study published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, vaccinated people are 2 times less likely to catch “Long-Covid” than unvaccinated people.

In other words, those who are vaccinated are lucky against ‘Long Kovid’, while those who are not vaccinated are in the group most vulnerable to ‘Long Kovid’, also referred to as’ worst form of coronavirus. “. ‘.

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Making statements on behalf of the team that signed off on the research, Dr. Claire Steves used the following statements;

“The good news is that our research has found that getting a double vaccine significantly reduces the risk of contracting the virus and developing long-term symptoms.”

Analyzing data from 1.2 million adults in the UK, scientists called for “priority should be given to secondary and supplemental vaccines”.


It has become clear over the past few weeks why the “Long Kovid” has happened. Because experts have discovered a link between the “long Kovid” and the Epstein-Barr virus.

Research in the UK has found a strong association between ‘long Kovid’ and reactivated EBV (a virus believed to infect around 90% of the world’s population).

Scientists who signed the study believe the coronavirus can reactivate inactive or “hidden” viruses. This answers the question of why some people don’t survive the coronavirus for 18 months.


So what are the symptoms of “long Kovid”? Scientists at University College London have been able to identify more than 200 symptoms. According to the research in question, there are over 200 long-term symptoms of Covid-19 spanning 10 organ systems, including memory loss, hallucinations, tremors and fatigue.

According to research published in The Lancet’s E Clinical Medicine, a total of 203 different symptoms have been identified, ranging from peeling skin and digestive issues to muscle spasms, hearing loss and tinnitus linked to ‘Long Covid’.

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In the study, which was carried out by examining approximately 4,000 people from 56 countries, fatigue and brain fog were identified as the most common symptoms.

Almost half of respondents (45%) said they had to reduce their work schedule due to their illness, and about a fifth (22%) said they could not work at all.

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