Last minute: NATO announced: At least 17 people injured in stampede at Kabul airport

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According to the latest Reuters news, NATO said at least 17 people were injured in the stampede at the Afghan airport in Kabul.

In the statement made, it was also stated that citizens who wish to leave the country are urged not to congregate around the airport unless they have a passport and visa.

Taliban officials, who have taken over the administration of Afghanistan, told Afghan citizens that they need not be afraid, that they will not be persecuted and that there is no need to to try to flee the country.


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On the other hand, the tense wait around the airport for Afghans who wish to escape Kabul continues.

In order to prevent Afghan citizens from wanting to enter Kabul airport, the military personnel who provide security at the airport open fire from time to time.

Some Afghan citizens who were waiting outside the airport passed out due to the hot weather and fatigue. First aid was given to some women who were injured by soldiers providing security.

Details are coming …

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