Last minute … Netanyahu’s first statement after the defeat

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year tenure in Israel is coming to an end.

Netanyahu’s rivals Yesh Atid (There is a Future) and opposition parties led by the Yamina Party have agreed to form a coalition government.

After this step by the opposition, the first statement came from Netanyahu. Netanyahu used the following statements:

“All right-wing members of the Knesset (Israeli state legislature) must oppose this dangerous left-wing government.”


The Israeli press wrote that Netanyahu, whose president is shaking, has called his allies to an “urgent” meeting in order to prevent the formation of the coalition.

In the aforementioned news, it was stated that the meeting to be held at Netanyahu’s call should be attended by Assembly Speaker Yariv Levin, along with prominent names from the United Torah Party and Shas, which supports the Prime Minister of Israel and represents ultra-Orthodox Jews.

It was stated that the purpose of the meeting was to exchange ideas on steps that could be taken to prevent the formation of a coalition government led by Lapid-Bennett.

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Future leader Yair Lapid, responsible for forming the coalition after Prime Minister Netanyahu’s failure, informed President Reuven Rivlin that he had reached the number required to form the government.


President Rivlin, in a statement on his Twitter account, congratulated Lapid and the leaders of the parties that will participate in the coalition. There will be 8 parties in the coalition government which will be formed under the leadership of far-right party leader Yamina Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid.

In order to form a coalition government that will remove Netanyahu from his seat, he must take an oath of confidence by June 14 at the latest.

On the other hand, for the first time in Israel, an Arab party will join the government agreed to form by the opposition parties led by rivals of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yesh Atid and Yamina Party.

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