Last minute … Netanyahu’s scandalous statement: he was a perfectly legitimate target

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The Israeli coup of the building, where the offices of the Associated Press (AP) news agency and the Qatar-based Aljazeera TV channel in Gaza, were hit by the global press. The horrific images that emerged after the building was shot sparked a strong reaction.

Israeli President Netanyahu spoke for the first time after the footage. Netanyahu spoke of the scandal of the destruction of the building where the press offices are located.

“This building was a completely legitimate target. We have evidence of terrorist entities in the building,” the Israeli prime minister said. found in the description.

Netanyahu also said in his speech: “Our operation against terrorist organizations is not over, it is continuing with all its might. We will continue to do whatever is necessary for the peace of our citizens and our country, and I can say it will take some time. Our country is doing whatever it takes to prevent and minimize civilian deaths. Israel can restore order. will do whatever it takes for it. won’t take too long. ”the expressions also used.

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