Last minute …. New development in the NSU case: 3 appeals from the defendants were dismissed!

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The German Supreme Court has delivered its verdict for Beate Zschäpe, a member of the terrorist organization NSU, and two other defendants.

In the written statement of the Supreme Court it was stated that the objections of Beate Zschaepe, Rolf Wohlleben and Holger G concerning the sentences handed down by the higher regional court in Munich were rejected.

In the statement, it was noted that the case against the other defendant Andre Emminger, who was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison, will be heard on December 2 and the decision will be announced on December 15.

The existence and role of members of the terrorist organization NSU, who killed 10 people, including 8 Turks, and carried out two bombings and 15 bank robberies in Germany in 2000-2007, were revealed on November 4, 2011 as a result of coincidence.

The murders remained in the dark for a long time, and German media grabbed the headlines in the 2000s, claiming that the Mafia or families were behind the murders, and were called “spinoff murders”.

The fact that the neo-Nazi terrorist organization could not be detected by German security units for many years, and it was revealed that members of the NSU had connections with some intelligence informants in the past , caused great controversy in Germany.

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The destruction of some documents on far-right groups and informants used within the Organization for the Protection of the Constitution, the German internal intelligence service, a few days after November 4, 2011, also aroused great suspicion .

NSU members Uwe Böhnhard and Uwe Mundlos were found dead in the trailer they were hiding after a bank robbery on November 4, 2011, and it was claimed that they committed suicide.

Beate Zschaepe surrendered to police after setting fire to the cell that NSU members last used.

In the case of the terrorist organization NSU, which began in Munich’s Higher Regional Court in 2013, the verdict on the defendants was announced on July 11, 2018.

The court sentenced the main defendant, Beate Zschaepe, to life imprisonment, Ralf Wohlleben, found guilty of helping and encouraging the organization, at 2.5 years old, Andre Emminger at 2.5 years old, Holger G at 3 years old and Carsten S at 3 years old. under the youth laws. .

Zschaepe, Wohlleben and Holger G requested an appeal, while the Federal Attorney General’s office appealed André Emminger’s decision.

In NSU, one of the most comprehensive cases in Germany, 14 lawyers defended 5 defendants and 60 lawyers represented 93 victims. 765 witnesses and 56 experts were heard in the case, which ended in a total of 438 hearings.

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