Last minute: Opening of a letter from the Taliban: “Order to those who help the West!”

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With the last American soldier to leave Kabul, an era in Afghanistan is officially over.

After taking power 20 years later, the Taliban maintained control over most of the country.

While the new era of the Taliban, who have been delivering moderate messages of late, is eagerly awaited, disturbing news continues to pour in from the country.

According to British media reports, the Taliban hung letters on the doors of those working with “the West” during this 20-year period.

According to the same information, the Taliban are sending letters to these people, whom they qualify as “workers for the crusaders”, with the message “Submit or die”.

The letter in question includes an order for these people to go to Taliban courts.

One of the recipients of the letter, Naz, 34, a father of six who helped build the Camp Bastion trail, spoke to the Daily Mail.

Naz, who applied for asylum in the UK but received a negative response, “the letter was official.” It had the Taliban stamp on it, “he said.

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Naz said: ‘If I go to court, I will be sentenced to death. If I don’t surrender, they’ll execute me. That’s why I’m hiding and looking for a way to escape. “

Another Afghan, a former British military translator, called the letter an “unfaithful spy”.

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