Last minute … Permanent Representative of the USA to the UN: Refugees will die if there is no passage through Cilvegözü!

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Greenfield, the permanent representative of the United States to the UN, said in a statement that “international NGOs and refugees have said that (refugees) will die if they do not pass through this border crossing (Cilvegözü)” .

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations (UN), had a meeting with Mark Cutts, Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis and aid workers at the Food Program distribution center World Organization (WFP) in Reyhanlı district in Hatay, where she visited as part of her visit to Turkey.

Briefing Greenfield on humanitarian aid efforts in the region, Cutts said refugees on the Syrian border with Turkey and Iraq have been living in tents for years and cannot meet many of their humanitarian needs.

Noting that nearly 200 NGOs have participated in humanitarian aid activities under the coordination of the UN, Cutts said: “15,000 Syrians are involved in humanitarian aid and are helping their own communities. I have worked in countries like Afghanistan, Eritrea and South Sudan, but I have never seen people so dedicated to their own society as here. They take huge risks. ”He said.

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Stating that all aid material arrived at the distribution center with Turkish trucks and was transferred there in Syrian trucks, Cutts said the distribution was carried out under UN control, adding: “All steps are controlled. We know which product goes to whom. We attach importance to accountability and transparency. ”Mentioned.


Stressing that the aid provided to Syria is still not at the desired level, Cutts said: “The world’s largest humanitarian aid operation is in Syria. But she’s still not where she should be. There is a financial crisis. services, increasing humanitarian aid and eliminating access problems. Please enter the UN Security Council. ”Used the sentences.

Referring to the impact of restrictive measures introduced due to the new type of coronavirus outbreak (Kovid-19) on humanitarian aid efforts, Cutts said: “Although restrictions have been enforced due to the epidemic, the Turkish authorities did not stop humanitarian aid for even a day. While no one took any risks during the periods of restriction, the Turkish authorities did not allow aid to be cut. “Mentioned.

Noting that humanitarian aid continued even when the border gates were closed, Cutts then showed Greenfield the food truck that will go to Syria.

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Speaking to the press after his contacts at the distribution center, Greenfield said: “I am happy to announce that the United States will provide additional funding of $ 200 million to the Syrians. mentionned.

Noting that more than 13 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance due to the conflicts in the country, Greenfield said: “This number is equal to the population of Los Angeles, New York and Washington combined. What would we do if the people of these cities needed food, water and medical supplies? Used the sentences.

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Noting that 4 out of 5 people living in northern Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance, Greenfield said: “This aid is vital for millions of civilians in Idlib. In recent years, the UN Security Council has unfortunately closed the doors to Syria. Cilvegözü remained open. From the border gates. We want the UN to bring humanitarian aid, the Covid-19 vaccine, medical aid here and end the suffering here. ” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of the efforts of those involved in humanitarian relief efforts, Greenfield said: “But if we don’t do our job by opening up the borders to the UN Security Council, neither can they. more do their job here. At present, this gate (Cilvegözü) is the best option of the international community. If it closes, it will cause many cruelties. made his assessment.

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Greenfield thanked the Turkish government for hosting Syrian refugees and said, “Thank you not only for welcoming the refugees, but also for supporting the operation of this distribution center here. mentionned.


Greenfield said they were in talks with the UN Security Council, Russia and Turkey about opening the border gates for humanitarian aid, “US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said stated that we will continue to work for the continuation of aid efforts. ” used the sentences.

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Stating that necessary efforts should be made to keep border crossings functioning smoothly, Greenfield said: “People are always at war and parties to war can make border crossings difficult. To put it briefly, we are ready to negotiate with Russia on this issue. and on the delivery of humanitarian aid. ”he spoke

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