Last Minute: Pfizer Announces Efficacy Rate of Covid-19 Vaccine Against Delta Variant

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The coronavirus (Kovid-19), which entered our lives in the last days of 2019, is now the order of the day with variants.

The type of coronavirus, first seen in India and called ‘Delta’, continues to spread around the world and increase the number of cases.

As a result, the most curious question of the last period is “How effective are vaccines against this variant?” The answer to this question came from Israel.

According to information from The Times of Israel, a study was conducted in Israel that reveals the effectiveness of the vaccine against this variant.

Alon Rappaport, medical director of Pfizer in Israel, announced the effectiveness of the Kovid-19 vaccine they have developed.

According to this one-of-a-kind study, the vaccine is 90% effective against the Delta variant. According to the same report, that investigation included 200 cases of Delta variants.

However, the Israeli authorities stressed that it was still too early to give a rate on this issue.

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A flash statement came from Uğur Şahin yesterday regarding the Delta variant, which was also warned by the WHO that it had become dominant.

Uğur Şahin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BioNTech and one of the creators of one of the most effective vaccines against the coronavirus, said that their vaccines are also effective against the new emerging variants, and said: “It There is currently no evidence that it is necessary to adapt our vaccine to existing variants. “

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