Last minute … Remarkable vaccine research: only 1.2 percent of people who die from Kovid-19 in the UK received a double dose of vaccination

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According to data released by the National Statistics Office, 51,000,281 people died in England between January 2 and July 2 due to Kovid-19.

While 38,000,964 of those who lost their lives to Kovid-19 were unvaccinated, the number of single-dose vaccines was 11,000,677 and the number of double-dose vaccines was 640.

Thus, the rate of people dying after receiving a double dose of the vaccine was only 1.2% of the total number of deaths from Kovid-19. In addition, according to the data, the average age of fully vaccinated people who died from Kovid-19 is 84 years old.

In contrast, during this period, 214,000,701 deaths not caused by Kovid-19 were recorded.

The number of new coronavirus cases worldwide has risen to 225 million 331,000, the number of those who have lost their lives to 4 million 641,000 and the number of those who have recovered has risen to 201 million 895,000.

The number of cases has exceeded 41 million 821,000 in the United States, 33 million 263,000 in India, 20 million 989,000 in Brazil and 7 million 226,000 in the United Kingdom.

Following the emergence of 24 locally sourced Kovid-19 cases in the city of Putian, Fucien Province, eastern China, significant quarantine measures have been taken in the region.

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The face-to-face training, which had been suspended due to the Kovid-19 outbreak in Bangladesh, resumed after about 18 months.

Toyota Motor will reduce global vehicle production in the current fiscal year due to the semiconductor chip supply issue with the effect of Kovid-19.

Ahead of the upcoming internal elections of the ruling party in Japan, the main opposition demanded immediate cash assistance to low-income households in the fight against Kovid-19.

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