Last minute … Response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Greece on May 19

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Greek Prime Minister Miçotakis made a statement around May 19 which sparked reactions. According to news from the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the Miçotakis made statements that would tarnish the events that took place in Izmir on May 19, 1919, trying to discredit one of our most precious national holidays by using an expression unacceptable to the independance War. initiated under the direction of Grand Chief Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on May 19, 1919. Miçotakis also announced that the Greek Parliament will be illuminated for the memorial.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile, received a harsh reaction to this ugly split.

Here is the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The struggle for independence, which was launched on May 19, 1919 under the leadership of Grand Chief Mustafa Kemal Atatürk against the imperialist powers that covet our homeland, has not only resulted in a victory for independence and freedom leading to the establishment of our Republic, but also put an end to the atrocities of the invading power and gangs under their control in Anatolia and served as an inspiration to the oppressed nations who longed for independence.

In this regard, we must not forget the direct atrocities committed by Greece, which attempted to invade Anatolia as a tool of the imperialist powers of the time, and the cruelty that it committed directly on these. lands, we completely reject the unfounded and illusory statements made. by the Greek Parliament and its authorities under the pretext of the anniversary of May 19, 1919 and completely distorting history. Likewise, we condemn the efforts of anti-Turkish lobbies to deceive third countries by raising distorted demands, which have no historical basis, outside of Greece.

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It lacks credibility to assert that Greece, which has been recorded in the historical archives with the crimes against humanity that it committed by invading Izmir on May 15, 1919 and launching a massacre in Anatolia, with the support of the powers imperialists, is a victim of credibility. .

Faced with the horrific dimension of the atrocities committed in the first months of the Greek invasion, the Allies had to create a commission of inquiry to investigate these crimes against humanity, and it was revealed in the report that this occupation, which was the scene of cruelty, transformed into a shameful invasion.

We invite the Greek leaders to face their own history, to remember the Greek atrocities reflected in the reports of the Commission of Inquiry and to accept the historical facts of Greece, including the actions in the 59th article of the Lausanne Peace Treaty are registered as contrary to the law of war.

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After the War of Independence, there are important lessons that today’s leaders of Greece should learn from the fact that Greek Prime Minister Venizelos appointed Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, who led the struggle for independence on May 19, 1919, for the Nobel Peace Prize. We remind you that the abandonment of the irresponsible conception of politics in order to try to read history backwards will above all be in the interests of Greece.

We call on Greece to work together for peace, stability and a prosperous future on the basis of cooperation, instead of trying to distort the facts.

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