Last minute: Statement by Minister Çavuşoğlu on Afghanistan and Kabul Airport

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When assessing the latest situation in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu made important statements on the operation of Kabul airport during his press conference in the Netherlands, where he was on an official visit, and answered questions.

Here are the titles of Çavuşoğlu’s statements:

“The measures to be taken must be coordinated together. This is not a problem for Turkey or Qatar to tackle alone.

The solution could be in two stages, one for military flights. With the elimination of the problem on the runways, it can be used for the evacuation of military aircraft. Thus, the situation at the airport can be tested.

Who will take the responsibility? The conditions on this issue have changed. The Taliban and some countries are also asking to cooperate with us. We evaluate them.

Security must be established in such a way that everyone can be sure of it. We passed it on to the Taliban. Security must be established, especially inside the airport. There are companies specializing in this field. “Care must be taken here so that everyone can trust things like scanning luggage, passing people through the device,” he said.

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“There are talks between Brussels and Ankara,” Çavuşoğlu said. There is a new offer of 3 billion euros. Is Turkey interested in this offer? ‘ He answered the question as follows:

“I want to speak very sincerely. In 2016, we concluded an agreement with the EU on migration. As Turkey, we have done our part and the number of immigrants going to European countries has decreased by 95%. Unfortunately, the EU has not been able to fulfill its We have agreed to update the joint statement of this agreement.

We shared our thoughts on updating the Migration Agreement to the EU within a month. The EU did not come back to us even after 1 year. The EU was aware that there is now Covid, let’s not rush.

The EU took the unilateral decision to give Turkey 3 billion euros. We have to sit down, discuss, negotiate and come to an agreement. Let’s talk about whether to include Afghans or not …

With regard to the Afghans, we donate money. If there is a situation such as keeping the Afghans and not coming, this cooperation will not be possible.

We need to update the agreement to cover many issues, including the safe return of Syrians to their country.

It is a social and political problem, after all the EU should give up on understanding that we can overcome this with simple formulas. “

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