Last minute: stop for the ascent to Mount Everest

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Kovid-19, which first appeared in the last days of 2019 and turned into a global pandemic in no time, continues to be the common agenda of our planet.

China has decided to close Mount Everest to climbs due to epidemic concern. The ascent of Mount Everest has been interrupted, CNN International reports on Chinese news agency Xinhua.

After the news, the General Administration of Sports of China confirmed the news of the ban with a statement.

Nepal, which provides significant income from tourism to Everst, has allowed 408 climbers to climb Everest this year.

China announced last week that it plans to establish a line separating mountaineers in Nepal and those in China to prevent contact transmission.

Last month, a coronavirus was encountered for the first time since the outbreak on Mount Everest, the highest point in the world.

It was said that the Kovid-19 case was seen in a group of professional mountaineers who had climbed meters tall.

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The Kovid-19 Islands of the South Pacific Ocean reached Vanuatu quite late; The country, which has been protecting itself closely since last year, has survived the epidemic well.

However, an incident on April 11 alarmed the country, and when it was understood that the corpse, which ran aground, carried coronavirus.

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