Last minute … Taliban killed at least 20 civilians in Punjshir, whom they captured

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Despite the interruption of communication channels, images from Punjshir show a man in military uniform surrounded by Taliban fighters, collapsed to the ground after the sound of gunfire.

It is not known whether the man who was shot was a member of the military. Camouflage clothing is widely worn in the region. An eyewitness in the video points out that the person shot was a civilian.

The BBC determined that at least 20 people were similarly killed in Panjshir.

Abdul Sami, a trader with two children, was one of the victims. Local sources reported that Sami did not flee as the Taliban advanced, saying, “I am a poor trader, I have nothing to do with the war.

Surrounded by Taliban militants, the man collapsed to the ground after a while.

However, they arrested Sami, accusing him of selling SIM cards to insurgents. A few days later, his lifeless body was found near his home. Witnesses say his body shows signs of torture.

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When the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last month, they encountered serious resistance in one region. In this region known as the Penjshir Valley, Ahmed Masud took command of the resistance forces.

The mountains surrounding the valley made it difficult to capture the region.

However, on September 7, the Taliban planted their flag in the region, claiming they had gained dominance in the last region of the resistance.

The resistance forces, for their part, said they were continuing the struggle. Ahmed Massoud called for a “national uprising” against the Taliban and accused the international community of “giving legitimacy to the Taliban”. Now attention has turned to what will be the fate of civilians in the Penjshir valley.

Last minute ... Taliban killed at least 20 civilians in Punjshir, whom they captured

Local sources reported that the trader, a father of two, who had not left the area believing the Taliban would not interfere with him, was killed.

While Taliban spokesmen said civilian life would resume, footage from the area showed that life had come to a standstill and people were trying to escape the area.

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Images of long convoys of vehicles of those who wanted to get out of the valley were also reflected in the media. There are warnings that there could be a shortage of food and medicine in the area. The Taliban deny reports that they are targeting civilians.


At a high-level United Nations conference in Geneva, donor countries were called on to provide more than $ 600 million in emergency humanitarian assistance planned for Afghanistan. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called the humanitarian crisis in the country “imminent disaster”.

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“Today, one in three Afghans does not know when they will find food. Poverty is on the rise and basic public services are on the verge of collapse. Hundreds of thousands have had to leave their homes as Afghanistan has its second worst Most “human food stocks could run out at the end of this month as winter approaches “, did he declare.

When the latest political turmoil and power shift added to the dry season, the number of displaced Afghans reached millions. It was reported that 550,000 people had to leave their homes because of the fighting in August, before the Taliban took power.

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A third of the money targeted by the UN will go to the World Food Organization (FAO).

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