Last Minute: Taliban’s Flash Claim: He Fled Abroad

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The world is talking about the Taliban’s new statements.

By announcing that they had captured Pençshir, known as the “last bastion” of resistance in the country, the Taliban once again issued statements that fell like a bomb on the agenda.

Claiming that Emrullah Saleh, who declared himself the country’s interim president after Gani fled abroad, “fled abroad,” the Taliban spokesman said Saleh had fled. fled to Tajikistan.

After the Afghan capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban, Saleh moved to Punjshir with a loyal team and took part in leading the resistance movement there.

On the other hand, Ahmed Masud, one of the leaders of the Afghan National Resistance Front, posted a message on Twitter and gave the message “I am safe”.

Claiming that “the province of Panjshir, the enemy’s last homeland, has been completely conquered,” the Taliban announced that the war across the country ended with the capture of Punjshir.

Ali Maysam, one of the spokespersons for the National Resistance Front, which resisted the Taliban, told the BBC: “This is not true, the Taliban did not capture the Punjshir”.

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Reuters shared this photo showing the Taliban flag hoisted on the government building in Panjshir …

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