Last minute: the Black Sea was on the brink of war … Here’s what happened every second

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Supporters of the crisis between England and Russia in the Black Sea continue.

New information has come after Russia yesterday fired warning shots at HMS Defender, a British Royal Navy destroyer.

British Daily Mail reporter Mark Nicol was on board the British warship at the time of the shooting and told readers what happened every second.

The reporter wrote that right after the cannon fire the crew were on alert and you put on their armor and protective suits to be able to respond to a possible fire.

According to Nicol, the British ship activated the Viper missiles to prepare for a possible war situation.

Nicol described these dangerous moments of coming together, which lasted about an hour, with these words;

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“We are furiously followed by the Russian Coast Guard vessel and every few minutes Russian jets thunder above us.”

Last Minute: The Black Sea War Has Been Brought Back From The Brink ... Here's What Happened Second By Second

Summarizing what happened with the words “wars started with less”, Nicol wrote that he had heard instructions that two missiles were “ready to fire” after the second shell fire.

Stating that Russia sent the ‘change your route’ message to the British ship by radio, but the British side did not accept this, Nicol said: “14 Russian fighter jets appeared over us in a short time. of time ”.

Stating that the Defender returned to international waters later, the reporter pointed out that the Russian jets were on the flight closest to the ship at the time.

Nicol added that they were being followed by a Russian drone even when their nations were in the waters.

Last Minute: The Black Sea War Has Been Brought Back From The Brink ... Here's What Happened Second By Second

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Yesterday Russia claimed the British warship violated the border and announced that a warning light had been opened as part of the rules of engagement.

In the same statement, there was also information that warplanes were used to remove the British warship from Russian territorial waters, and it was reported that a Su-24 plane was dropping four bombs in the waters. near the destroyer.

In England’s first statement, it was stated that no warning shots had been fired at HMS Defender, and the Queen sent her ‘good wishes’ to the crew.

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