Last minute … The latest situation in Afghanistan: the claim that the Taliban have been pushed back

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The world has been locked into the developments in Afghanistan for days.

As a new one is added to the region’s news hourly, there are also notable developments regarding the resistance movement launched against the Taliban.

In the latest footage from the Penjshir, located about 160 kilometers from Kabul, where the anti-Taliban coalition is assembled, we see that the inhabitants of the region have joined the resistance movement and received military training in the camps.

The British newspaper Daily Mail shared the images with its readers under the headline “The Taliban’s Biggest Nightmare”.

According to information from Afghanistan-based TOLO News, the Taliban, who wanted to prevent the resistance from growing, achieved an unexpected result.

The Taliban, who said they had sent “hundreds of fighters” to the area in recent days, have targeted an outpost here, but resistance forces have managed to push back the Taliban.

A source linked to the TOLO News program announced the information in question. It is specified that the last order of the Afghan government, which lost the administration to the benefit of the Taliban, was to move many heavy weapons to this province.

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It is also among the information that both sides have weapons from the Afghan army and that conflicts in the region continue.

On the other hand, Emrullah Salih, who declared himself interim president after President Gani’s flight, wrote a letter to the German newspaper Spiegel.

Demanding support for the Afghan National Resistance Front, Salih stressed that the crisis in Afghanistan would be resolved if the National Resistance in Panjshir was recognized and political support was provided.

Saleh had recently set fire to the resistance against the Taliban. Saleh had entered Panjshir province in recent weeks and challenged the Taliban, so to speak.

Saleh had said he would not surrender to the Taliban and promised to fight. Salih made the following statements in his written statement;

“I will not disappoint the millions of people who listen to me. I will never be under the same roof as the Taliban again. NEVER.’

Ahmad Mesud, son of Shah Mesud, and Yar Dostum, son of Rashid Dostum, of Uzbek origin, are also at the head of this movement.

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