Last minute … The most comprehensive operation against criminal gangs! They destroyed it with the Trojan horse

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As part of the operation, managed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and whose first step was taken 18 months ago, criminal organizations were encouraged to use ANOM, an encrypted communication system. , by secret agents. The Trojan horse-like app, which began to be used by 300 different criminal organizations in over 100 countries and downloaded to 12,000 phones, has enabled police to monitor and record a total of 27 million. secret messages. According to the Australian press, Australian Hakan Ayık played an important role in the widespread use of ANOM in criminal gangs.


The button was pressed simultaneously the day before, and the gang members were captured one by one, with numerous raids organized over two days, mostly in Australia. In Australia alone, 224 people have been arrested in operations involving more than 4,000 police officers across the country. Police said these people included contestants from “Ninja Warrior” and “The Bachelorette” television shows. In addition, McLaren and Lamborghini sports cars, Rolex watches and numerous weapons were seized. It was recorded as the largest police raid in the country’s history. Australian Federal Police Chief Reece Kershaw told ANOM that “the gang members they’ve had in their pockets for years” only talked about drugs, violence and the murder of innocent people; He explained that the suspects were selling drugs in countries in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


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As part of the operation, New Zealand police arrested 35 people, seized millions of euros in cash belonging to people accused of 900 different crimes. In Germany, police searched more than 100 apartments, warehouses and workplaces, and it was reported that 70 people were arrested. It was announced that the number of arrests in Sweden was 70, while in the Netherlands 49. Outside these countries, waves of detentions were also recorded in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Canada. , Lithuania, Norway, Scotland, England, Hungary and the United States.


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The FBI announced that with the operation carried out with a method similar to a Trojan horse, not only did the drug gangs collapse, but the lives of more than 100 people were saved thanks to the numerous murders that were avoided. In total, 6 tons of cocaine, 4 tons of cannabis and 2 tons of methamphetamine and $ 141.5 million (TL 1.2 billion) were seized.


They destroyed criminal gangs with the biggest Trojan operation ever

According to the Australian press, among those to whom the agents presented the ANOM application was Hakan Ayık, who is believed to be living in Turkey and is suspected of playing a significant role in drug trafficking in Australia.

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Australian police demanded that Ayık, who works as an ‘influencer’ in the spread of ANOM, unknowingly, ‘set a trap for his colleagues’, that his life is in danger and that he must surrender. . Images of Ayık, wanted by Australia and Interpol with a red notice, appeared in the Australian press, reportedly filmed in Istanbul in February. Ayık is reported to have escaped Australia in 2010.


– The encrypted messaging app called ANOM, developed by the FBI in 2018, was released to the world 18 months ago by undercover agents infiltrating criminal gangs.

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– Private telephones, which were closed to all communication except ANOM, were sold to gangs for a price of 10 to 17,000 TL.

– Gang members who thought the app was safe went so far as to post pictures of drug shipments.

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