Last minute … the US Hamas statement

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New statements have come from US Secretary of State Blinken regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Blinken said he saw no evidence Hamas was operating in the press building which was hit by the IDF.

Blinken also pointed out that the United States was requesting further details from Israel regarding its allegations regarding the attack.

Speaking at a press conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, the US diplomat called on all parties to ensure the protection of civilians.

Blinken stressed that the great responsibility rests with Israel.

Blinken added that the United States continues to be concerned about rising violence and is working “hard” behind the scenes to end hostilities.

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Israeli forces bombed a 13-story building on Saturday that included the offices of the US news agency Associated Press (AP) and Qatar-based Al Jazeera television.

Israel defended the attack claiming that “the building houses Hamas.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a statement yesterday: “This building was a very legitimate target.”

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