Last minute … The world has been talking about this image for days! The bitter truth came out a few days later

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Afghanistan has been the world’s number one agenda for days …

The Taliban, who took control at an alarming rate last week after the US withdrawal from the region, entered the capital Kabul on Sunday.

Those who want to leave the country have been flocking for days to the airport in the capital. The airport was the scene of tragic images.

Many people trying to find a seat on planes have tried to board planes even after the doors have closed. The three people who attached themselves to the plane’s wheels fell from the plane just after take-off and tragically died.

These moments, recorded second after second, have fallen like a bomb on the world agenda. A rather tragic story has emerged behind these images.

The identities of the two people who fell from the plane and died have been revealed. According to reports from the British Mirror newspaper, based on local sources, it turned out that the two tragically deceased were brothers aged 16 and 17 who traveled to the airport in the hope of fleeing to the Canada.

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According to the same news, the two brothers, the oldest of eight siblings, rushed to the airport after hearing a rumor that 20,000 people would be resettled in Canada or the United States.

The body of one of the brothers was found and handed over to the family. However, the body of the other brother still could not be reached.

A relative told VICE that they hope to find Kabeer “dead or alive” because it will “comfort” the family.

The brothers had never lived under Taliban rule.

On the other hand, NATO announced that 12 people have died at the Afghan airport in Kabul since Sunday, the day the Taliban entered the city.

A Taliban official said on Thursday the deaths were due to gunshot wounds or pushing, and has always urged people at the airport gates to return home if they are not allowed to travel.

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