Last minute … The world is shaken by these words! Flash affirmation of the Taliban!

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The world has been locked into the developments in Afghanistan for days.

As a new one is added to the region’s news hourly, there are also notable developments regarding the resistance movement launched against the Taliban.

As the Taliban sent hundreds of militants to the region to destroy the resistance before it developed, a flash statement came from the resistance front.

Fahim Dashti, spokesperson for the resistance forces, said: “As of this morning, around 600 Taliban militants have been purged in various parts of Punjshir. “Over 1,000 Taliban militants have also been captured or returned,” he said.

The spokesperson also added that the Taliban are struggling to obtain supplies from other Afghan provinces.

According to Al Jazeera’s information, a Taliban source said fighting continues in Pencishir, but progress has been slowed by landmines on the road to Bazarak and the provincial governor’s compound.

On the other hand, Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi said yesterday that Punjshir was under the control of the Islamic Emirate. However, the latest news from the region means that this claim is approached with suspicion.

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Emrullah Salih, who proclaimed himself interim president after President Ghani’s flight, had sparked resistance against the Taliban in recent days.

Saleh had entered Panjshir province in recent weeks and challenged the Taliban, so to speak.

Saleh had said he would not surrender to the Taliban and promised to fight. Salih made the following statements in his written statement;

“I will not disappoint the millions of people who listen to me. I will never be under the same roof as the Taliban again. NEVER.’

Ahmad Mesud, son of Shah Mesud, and Yar Dostum, son of Rashid Dostum, of Uzbek origin, are also at the head of this movement.

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