Last Minute: Third Dose of Vaccine Report from BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin

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The world has been plagued by the coronavirus (Kovid-19) for about 2 years.

Kovid-19 vaccines, which prevent pandemic-related cases and deaths and provide relief around the world, continue to be applied around the world.

According to the latest data announced, more than 5 billion doses have been vaccinated worldwide. Uğur Şahin, CEO and co-founder of the company BioNTech, which is developing a vaccine against Covid-19 with mRNA technology, has made new statements on the vaccines.

Speaking to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, Ahin reiterated his call for the third dose of the booster vaccine to be given to adults who have received two doses of the vaccine.

In his statement on the matter, ahin said, “It would be very reasonable for people with weakened immune defenses to receive a third dose of the vaccine. “

Şahin also stressed that he expects an increase in the number of cases during the fall months.

Stressing that the third dose will also be effective in combating variants, Şahin made the following statements in his statement;

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Our research to date and preliminary data from Israel show that protection against the new variant is fully restored after the third dose. ‘

Şahin had already made the following statements on the same subject;

“The data show that 95 percent of the 3rd dose and 97 percent of the complete protection in infection control is provided.”

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