Last minute: UN declaration “North Korea”

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The nuclear plan of North Korea, the most closed country in the world, has been deciphered.

The United Nations nuclear watchdog, which focuses on the country’s nuclear program led by Kim Jong-un, released its report.

According to reports from CNN International, the monitoring agency concluded that North Korea had resumed operations in a power plant capable of producing plutonium.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said signs such as the cooling water release seen in early July indicate the plant is active.

The IAEA also highlighted the information that no such evidence has been observed since December 2018.

“North Korea’s continued nuclear program is a flagrant violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions and is deeply regrettable,” the report said.

A senior US State Department official told AFP that Washington was aware of the report and was cooperating closely with allied countries.

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Experts have warned that the North Korean administration’s move could lead to further tension in the region.

IAEA investigators, expelled from North Korea in 2009, have been monitoring the country from outside since then.

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