Last minute … Worst scenario for the Taliban: they will fight on two fronts!

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With the last American soldier to leave Kabul, an era in Afghanistan has come to an end.

Twenty years later, the Taliban, who took control of most of the country, including the capital, Kabul, began the countdown to form a government.

However, many problems await the Taliban government. Images from the Penjshir, located about 160 kilometers from Kabul, where the anti-Taliban coalition is assembled, indicate that the number of insurgents is increasing day by day.

According to unconfirmed reports from the region, insurgents responded to initial Taliban attack attempts and pushed them back into some areas.

Drawing attention to the resistance movement in Punjshir, Fox News stressed that the organization will fight on two fronts after a long period in its newspaper titled “The Taliban Fight on Two Fronts”.

For while the Taliban seek ways to quell resistance in Penchir before it develops, they are also fighting DAESH-H, which has caused blood to be shed in Kabul. Military experts describe this situation as “the worst-case scenario for the Taliban”.

The Taliban, who have been waging guerrilla wars for many years, are grappling with the DAESH-Khorasan (DEASH-H) group and the resistance in Pençşir.

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Moreover, this time those who apply guerrilla tactics are against the Taliban. According to Fox News information, DAESH-H, which carried out the attack on Kabul airport, has 2-3,000 militants.

The number of Punjshir resistance soldiers, who have vowed to protect the region from the Taliban, is unknown. However, it is known that the Afghan government shipped numerous weapons to the Punjshir before fleeing Kabul.

Images revealing that the Punjshir resistance had helicopters, guns and armored vehicles have been published by international news agencies in recent days.


Emrullah Salih, who proclaimed himself interim president after President Ghani’s flight, had sparked resistance against the Taliban in recent days.

Saleh had entered Panjshir province in recent weeks and challenged the Taliban, so to speak.

Saleh had said he would not surrender to the Taliban and promised to fight. Salih made the following statements in his written statement;

“I will not disappoint the millions of people who listen to me. I will never be under the same roof as the Taliban again. NEVER.’

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Ahmad Mesud, son of Shah Mesud, and Yar Dostum, son of Rashid Dostum, of Uzbek origin, are also at the head of this movement.

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