Latest developments of the coronavirus in Tunisia and Morocco

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In a written statement made by the Moroccan government, it was noted that in accordance with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, those who have received two doses of vaccine as part of the fight against the epidemic will be issued a “vaccine passport”. Created to allow citizens to easily move around Morocco, this “Digital COVID Certificate” will be available from Tuesday, June 7. Those who have a “vaccine passport” will have freedom of movement in all parts of the country without any restrictions and will be able to travel abroad easily.


In the statement made by the Tunisian Ministry of Health, it was reported that another 46 people died from Kovid-19, 1,479 people contracted the disease and 1,579 people recovered.

In the statement, the number of people who died from the epidemic in the country rose to 12,000,948 and those who contracted the virus to 353,000,782; The number of those who recovered was recorded as 310 thousand 710.

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