Latest from Afghanistan … What’s the latest situation in Afghanistan? Flash development against the Taliban!

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The repercussions of the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban in just 10 days continue. With the entry of the Taliban into the capital Kabul on Sunday, the country gave way to chaos.

As thousands of people flocked to Kabul airport in the hope of escaping the country, a lightning step came from the resistance movement in the country.

Amrullah Salih, member of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s Northern Alliance, remembered for his fight against the Taliban and known as the “legendary commander”, sparked resistance against the Taliban.

Salih, who proclaimed himself interim president after President Ghani fled the country, made statements in Panjshir province, about 160 kilometers from Kabul.

Saleh said he would not surrender to the Taliban and vowed to fight.

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Salih made the following statements in his written statement on his Twitter account:

“I will not disappoint the millions of people who listen to me. I will never be under the same roof as the Taliban. EVER.”

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Images released today show Massoud, accompanied by a heavily armed entourage, aboard a Soviet-made military helicopter, the Mi-17 of the Afghan Air Force.

The region in question made a name for itself after not falling into Taliban hands for a long time during the civil war of the 1990s.


On the other hand, an anti-Taliban demonstration took place in Jalalabad, east of Kabul.

Protesters carrying Afghan flags lowered the Taliban flag from the town square. According to Al Jazeera reports, Taliban militants opened fire on the protesters.

According to initial reports, at least two people lost their lives as a result of the incident.

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