Latest global vaccination situation: over 2.7 billion Kovid-19 vaccine doses have been made

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The vaccine against Kovid-19 in the world has exceeded 2,700 million doses.

While China is the country with the most vaccines with 1 billion 50 million doses, this country is the USA with 318 million 580 thousand, India with 288 million 766 thousand 201, Brazil with 88 million 350 thousand, l England with 74 million 580 thousand, Germany with 67 million 120,000, followed by France with 48 million 390,000 and Italy with 46 million 600,000.

The country with the highest vaccine dose relative to population was the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 146.73 doses per 100 people.

The number of doses administered in 10 other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, has exceeded the population. The number of doses administered per 100 people was 142.4 in Malta, 140 in Seychelles, 129.84 in San Marino, 123.06 in Israel, 114.94 in Bahrain, 111.87 in Chile and Mongolia, 110 , 66 in UK, 109.86 in UK, 104.08 in Iceland. , Uruguay with 102.82 and Qatar with 100.62.


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According to data from the Ministry of Health, 43 million 335,000 609 doses of Kovid-19 vaccine have been administered in Turkey so far.

While Turkey ranks 9th in the world in terms of total number of vaccines; The number of vaccines per 100 people was 51.19. The first dose of vaccine was administered to 28 million 796 thousand 215 people and the second dose of vaccine was administered to 14 million 559 thousand 394 people.

Kovid-19 vaccines, authorized for emergency use or use to date, are administered intermittently in two doses, except one. Therefore, the number of doses administered does not mean that the same number of individuals have been vaccinated.

The number of cases worldwide has exceeded 179 million 614,000, more than 3 million 890,000 people have died from the virus.

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