Latest news … Colombia is a chimney! 17 people died in 5 days

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17 people lost their lives and 711 people were injured during protests against tax reform that have lasted for 5 days in Colombia.

Protests against tax reform continued around the home of President Ivan Duque, led by unions, local communities, student groups and various opposition groups calling for a “national strike”. Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla has resigned from his post.

According to data released by the Colombian Ombudsman’s Office, based on reports from the Office of the National Prosecutor General and the National Police, 17 people were killed, including a policeman, and 711 people were injured during protests organized through the country since April 28.

Police officers from the Colombian Social Events Intervention Unit ESMAD intervened 546 times against the demonstrators on the grounds that they had provoked violence and detained 364 people.

During protests in the country, 254 workplaces, 100 public transport vehicles, 69 bus stops, 54 buildings of public institutions and 14 toll booths were damaged, 94 banks, 36 ATMs and 259 commercial establishments were damaged. been looted.

In contrast, 5 statues of Spanish commanders from the colonial era were destroyed by protesters in the towns of Cali, Neiva, Manizales and Pasto during the protests.

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In a press conference yesterday, Colombian President Ivan Duque said he decided to withdraw the tax reform bill which has sparked violent protests in the country.


Protests against tax reform in Colombia, which began on April 28 with the call for a “national strike” by unions, local communities, student groups and various opposition groups, were initially calm and peaceful, then witnessed violent events.

Thousands of people who have taken to the streets in more than 50 cities, including Medellin, Cali, Baranquilla, Cartagena and Valle de Cauca, especially in the capital Bogota, have again protested against the new government reform bill. .

Curfews have been declared in many cities across the country where buses, stops, banks and shopping malls have been damaged.

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