Latest News: Horrific attack on a Muslim family in Canada! 4 people tragically died

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London Police Chief Steve Williams at the press conference regarding the incident which took place last night and 4 relatives have died and 1 child was seriously injured:. “Mentioned.

Noting that they believed the attack was a deliberate act, Williams described the deaths of 4 members of the same family as a “devastating loss” and called on citizens who knew about the attack to call on authorities.


In a written statement made by the National Council of Muslims of Canada (NCCM), one of the country’s leading Muslim non-governmental organizations, it was noted that they were horrified by the horrific attack on the Muslim family and called to justice.

CNMC President Mustaa Farooq said: “A man allegedly got into his car, saw a Muslim family walking on the road and decided that they did not deserve to live. He didn’t know them. This is a terrorist attack on Canadian soil and should Considering the government, the terrorism charges, we call on the aggressor to be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law. shared his statements.

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Recalling the attack on a mosque in Quebec City in 2017, in which 6 people were killed and 5 injured, Farooq said Muslims in Canada have become familiar with Islamophobic violence and said, “The loss of this family due to Islamophobia will be a deep pain for a long time. But this sorrow comes from our justice. And let this be the foundation on which we stand for change. ” mentionned.


In the city of London, Ontario, Canada, last night, the minibus driver driving his vehicle over pedestrians on the sidewalk killed 4 people, including a 15-year-old girl, and seriously injured a 9-year-old . boy.

The driver, named Nathanial Veltman, who is believed to be 20, was arrested and taken into custody on Cherryhill Avenue, about 4 miles from the scene.
It has been reported that Veltman has been prosecuted for 4 murders and one attempted murder, and that the terrorism charge may be added to the case.

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