Latest News: It’s fallen like a bomb on the US agenda! Biden’s flash vaccine move

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According to information from the American press, which is based on sources close to the subject, some officials in the Biden administration have pointed out that many countries have already introduced vaccination requirements for international flights, and that the United States should do more. same.

However, some White House officials have argued that a single vaccination should be enough for flights and that it does not make sense for everyone to be vaccinated every time they board a plane.

Stating that the vaccination plans in question are still under discussion, the sources said the need for vaccination for domestic flights is also on the agenda.

In addition, Biden’s chief health adviser Anthony Fauci on a TV show he attended yesterday said immunization issues were on the table.

Biden’s demand to vaccinate employees has sparked backlash.

Biden’s expansion of the employee vaccination requirement to around 100 million people on September 9 sparked a strong backlash in the Republican branch.

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Many members of the House of Representatives and Senator Biden, who found the requirement unconstitutional, described Biden as an “autocrat” and “dictator.”

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