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Italy talks about Cristina Rosi, who woke up from a coma after about a year.

The 37-year-old woman, who had a heart attack when she was seven months pregnant, fell into a coma and doctors decided to have an emergency cesarean.

According to information from the British newspaper Daily Mail, the baby named Caterina was rescued by doctors, but the mother remained in a coma.

The family then launched a charity campaign on the Internet. After collecting the requested money within a short period of time, Rosi’s maintenance costs were covered.

Rosi has had months of treatment. Just as the family had lost hope, an event unmatched by the movies happened and Rosi woke up from a coma 10 months later.

Upon awakening from the coma, Rosi’s first words were “mother”. The country’s press wrote that the 37-year-old had called her mother three times.

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Speaking to the country press, Gabriele Succi, Rosi’s wife, said: “We are very happy after all this pain.”

Succi, 42, also pointed out that his wife’s health is improving day by day. Rosi was transferred to a clinic in Austria where it was announced that she would receive 24-hour specialist care.

It was reported that the woman who woke up 10 months later would undergo a neurological rehabilitation program in this process.

As part of the aid campaign that allowed Rosi to survive, around 200 thousand euros (2 million TL) was collected.

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