Latest news … Tense moments at the press conference: EU-Greece on the Turkish border

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The European Union (EU) criticized the deafening sound ball Greece placed on the border with Turkey to prevent immigrants as a “strange method”, while Greece defended the practice. The tension at the press conference where the statements were made almost turned into a brawl. While the Greek minister and the European Commission’s head of home affairs constantly blamed each other, their tension was reflected in their facial expressions and tone of voice, as well as in the photographs that international agencies served to the world.

At the press conference held after the meeting of Ylva Johansson, the Member in charge of Home Affairs of the European Commission, and Notis Mitarakis, the Greek Minister for Immigration and Asylum, in Brussels , on the issue about it, the two said that the Greek border security units deployed to the Turkish border and tested in recent weeks, “audio The dispute over the” bullet “has come to the fore.

When asked if the ball had been discussed at today’s meeting, Johansson said: “We haven’t talked about it today. In my opinion, it’s a weird way to protect your limits. ” mentionned.

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Responding to Johansson, whose duty is to protect the EU’s borders, the Greek minister defended the sound ball.

Mitarakis said they can use technologies that don’t violate international law, “It can protect the EU’s borders without endangering anyone.” he said.

Mitarakis argued that “the Greek police and coast guard have an excellent record in protecting human life at the borders and in the Aegean Sea, especially over the past two years”.

The Greek Minister responded to the question of whether Greece had violated EU law by using a sound cannon as follows:

“I will not talk about operational issues that will affect the Greek police. It is important to keep these operational issues out of the information that will fall into the hands of human traffickers. The police should do whatever they do, using its own methods. The point is this. It is not weird. The point is. Everything is effective and EU legislation “If there is an opinion that something is not in accordance with the EU legislation, there are forums to discuss it. We can also provide information on the. That is why we have not discussed it at political level today. “

Johansson spoke again after the Greek Minister’s speech, saying: “I think this is a strange way to protect your borders. This is not something that has been established by the European Commission. I hope this is in line with fundamental rights. This power needs to be clarified. We are not in a violation process. he has answered.

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The administration of Athens recently installed 2 portable long-range active acoustic stimulation (LRAD) systems, which can emit strong sound waves, to be used against possible massive influxes of migrants in the border region of Maritza.

LRAD systems, which are used in both civilian and military fields, can be disorienting, deafening, cause excruciating pain, and cause health problems with uncertain results when used on people.

Latest news ... Tense moments during the press conference: EU-Greece debate on the Turkish border

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The system, which can send deafening sounds towards the Turkish border from a long-range acoustic device called a “sound cannon” installed on an armored vehicle belonging to the Greek police, is also eliciting a reaction from some EU countries. and human rights defenders. It is stated that the sound cannon can produce a sound equivalent to the sound of a fighter plane.

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